Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Dumb Dialogue

One of the reasons our politics have gotten so much dumber is because the media coverage of it has lead the way in stupidity. Besides the obvious culprits-- talk radio, Fox News, cable news blowhards and pundits in general-- there is one person who best sums this up... Matt Drudge (one of my favorite people!). According to the liberal media, he rules their world.

Yesterday was a key example of his stupidity... Drudge pushed big time on Thursday evening (with siren and oversized red font and everything) a local Pittsburgh story about a college Republican woman who claimed she was beaten by a savage negro for having a McCain bumper sticker. Of course, even an initial glance at the story saw that it was full of holes (even Michelle Malkin, among others, called BS right away), but Drudge's pimping of it helped propel it into the national media. It got so big that even the McCain campaign got involved. Of course, by yesterday afternoon, the obvious was confirmed- the woman made it all up. One would assume that Drudge would be humbled by this, his latest in a series of getting caught up in BS non-stories, and strive to be taken more seriously.

Nope! Here's his big headline (no, no official mea culpa from Drudge) this morning-


Yes, this apparently, according to the media, is what the election comes down to... Joe the Plumber, fake muggings, and fears of non-existent terrorist candidates and socialism. I would like to believe, despite my complete skepticism, that current poll #s are accurate, because it means that the American people are smarter than they're given credit for.

I look forward to seeing what other stupidity will be slammed with in these final two weeks.

[PS- A Plumber Joe reality check, and a highlight reel of anti-Obama right-wing stupidity.]


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