Monday, March 31, 2008

Odds and Ends

A lot of big news today, but first a few odds and ends...

Remember the 2001 anthrax attacks? Most people don't (hey, we couldn't blame it on Saddam, so fuck it), but the Daily Kos has a good post on the status of this forgotten case.

Another new week, another Bush scandal: "HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, his tenure tarnished by allegations of political favoritism and a criminal investigation, announced his resignation Monday amid the wreckage of the national housing crisis. He leaves behind a trail of unanswered questions about whether he tilted the Department of Housing and Urban Development toward Republican contractors and cronies." Some background- here.

With the economy in trouble, food stamps are making a comeback!

In Zimbabwe, the results of the election are coming in slowly, with voter fraud accusations.

Meanwhile, at home, Joe Lieberman makes it official... he's endorsing his BFF, John McCain. This will come as sad news to the voters of Connecticut whom he lied to in 2006 in his desperate bid to get reelected.

Finally... Bush: The Movie? Oliver Stone is at it again.


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