Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Video Theatre: Ohh, Big Box Mart!

I wasn't sure what video to post for today-- if you need a Bill Maher fix, this guy has the whole show on YouTube-- but then I started thinking about the story of Debbie Shank and her battle with Walmart that I posted about the other day. And after I got mad again (like Keith Olbermann-level mad), I remembered a funny video that the Jib Jab guys did in 2005.

Their later video on the news is much better, but this remains a close second-

Note: This, at least to me, isn't simply a knock on Walmart specifically (I admit it, I went there once), but rather a knock on modern American business practices to a large degree, and our consumerist culture to a smaller degree. As embodied so perfectly by... Walmart.


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