Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ignore John McCain At Your Peril

It seems more and more people are starting to realize that the possibility of a President McCain is not as far-fetched as it seemed 6 months ago. This also coincides, awesomely enough, with with the peak of supporters of the Democratic candidates ranting that if their candidate loses the primary, they will vote for John McCain in November {*runs up stairs loudly, slams bedroom door*}. I know that I saw lots of this in my undercover stay at Camp Clinton last week (I had to ban myself and hide after being told that Obama was ruining "Hillary's election").

And then if McCain wins, they will all move to Canada!! Like, for reals this time!

Mark Kleiman pulls his hair out amidst this insanity-
Having opposed the Bush tax cuts because they were unfair distributionally and imprudent in the face of a war, John McCain now proposes to make the Bush cuts permanent, and add an equal dollar volume of even more distributionally unfair tax cuts, in the face of a war he intends to continue for another 100 years.

But don't worry: McCain's "economic adviser" promises that the Tooth Fairy will make it all better, and anyway we should wait for McCain to "flesh out" his proposals.

In fact, of course, McCain would have to propose massive spending cuts or tax increases sometime in the sweet by-and-by, presumably after the election, in order to meet his stated goal of a balanced budget by 2012.

McCain also wants to wreck the private health insurance market by substituting Health Savings Accounts and individual tax credits for employer-purchased health plans.

Think about that the next time you hear a "progressive" explaining why if the Democrat he favors doesn't win the nomination, he's staying home or voting for Nader or voting Republican. Back in primary reality, this stuff counts, and temper tantrums don't.

But they are soooo much fun. C'mon, give me that at least.

Over at LJDemocrats, moderate Robert Peate sees this danger approaching, and warns, "We Democrats need to get our act together--fast. The possibility of McCain winning in the fall is very real."

I replied by stating that-
"Nobody has done more to make John McCain seem like a viable presidential candidate than Hillary and Bill Clinton. The sooner their candidacy ends, the sooner we can get to the important business of explaining to Americans why John McCain is a scary old man who knows nothing about foreign policy or the economy, but insists that we elect him to run both.

We have a candidate who a) can defeat John McCain in an honest debate, and b) doesn't praise McCain's experience and Commander-in-Chief threshold-passing awesomeness... he's that skinny guy that Fox News keeps ranting about. Democrats need to understand that, and get working to get him elected ASAP."

I fully understand that's unfair to Hillary's millions of devoted supporters, but that's just the reality of where we are. The longer this goes on, the longer of a free ride John McCain is allowed to have.

And with Hillary's destructive desperation at new lows, it seems the DNC leadership is finally starting to get it.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger How Insane Is John McCain? said...

There's plenty of time for everyone to realize just how insane McCain is.


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