Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bush Warns He May Start Governing; Prepare Accordingly

With a Democratic congress attempting to focus on domestic policy (there's a domestic policy now?), President Bush again holds the power of the veto-- which he only recently discovered-- over their heads... it's not just for stem cells anymore!

Since January, the President has threatened to veto the following for one reason or another... the cutting of student loan interest rates, requiring the government to negotiate with drug companies over the price of medication, ending subsidies to oil companies, more stem cell research, expansion of federal hate crime laws to include attacks on gays, and the 9/11 Commission bill.

So far, the only substantive non-Iraq-$$$ bill of the Democrats he's seen fit to sign has been the minimum wage increase (which should go into effect... eventually). And that took him about 5 months. As in Iraq, we're making great progress.

AP: Bush warns he'll veto runaway spending


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