Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekend Odds and Ends

The weekend's here. Let's all avoid the Fantastic Four movie together. Here's the news...

In Palestine, things continue to fall apart: "Hamas fighters were in full control of Gaza on Friday... further clouding the chance for peace after routing their secular Fatah rivals in days of vicious gunbattles. With Western-backed president Mahmud Abbas of Fatah naming a new prime minister for his emergency cabinet, Palestinians face the prospect of being ruled by two separate administrations in Gaza and the occupied West Bank." Arab foreign ministers hold crisis talks to discuss the fallout.

Matt Drudge, meanwhile, amuses himself with this crisis.

Speaking of crises, a major Sunni mosque near Basra was bombed yesterday, increasing fears of further sectarian reprisals over the bombing of a major Shiite site earlier this week.

Back in Washington DC, top Senators promise to revive the ailing immigration reform bill. Republicans, continue your imploding. Mark Kleiman looks at the political ramifications.

Attorney General Gonzales is in deeper trouble now, but will, of course, never resign.

Finally, Al Gore on the G8 climate proposal: Is that all?


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