Saturday, June 16, 2007

Masturbatory 2008 Speculation

Does these poll results reflect the general consensus thus far?-
Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton leads with 33 percent, followed by Barack Obama at 22 percent and not-running Al Gore at 15 percent. John Edwards lags behind the pack with support from just 8 percent of the Democrats polled.

The catch for Clinton: Electability. In a generic, Democrat vs. Republican presidential matchup, the Democrat wins by eight points. But when the Democratic candidate is Hillary Clinton, the Times poll suggests -- at this moment in time, at least -- that the next president of the United States could be a Republican: Giuliani leads Clinton by 10 percentage points; McCain leads Clinton by four percentage points; and Romney leads Clinton by two percentage points.

The McCain vs. Clinton and Romney vs. Clinton leads are within the poll's margin of error, but they still stand in pretty sharp contrast with what the poll found with respect to Barack Obama. In one-on-one matchups, Obama leads Giuliani by five percentage points, McCain by 12 points and Romney by 16 points.

Hillary's electability is a huge problem, but something seems off here. Other polls have been more favorable to her. Thoughts? Does this mesh with what you're hearing?

At any rate, concerns of racist voters aside, Sen. Obama seems the Democrats' best bet.


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