Friday, May 25, 2007

What's The Democrats' End Game On Iraq?

Congress has approved the blank check Iraq war funding bill, with Speaker Pelosi voting against in the House and Majority Leader Reid voting for in the Senate. It should get to the President's desk very soon, I imagine.

So what now, Democrats?

This video is from a month ago, but since we're just moving around in circles as usual, it's still relevant. Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall spoke w/ Sen. Kerry about what the Democrats' end game is with the Iraq war debate. Given the veto of funding/timetable bill, it seems that they've resolved themselves to funding the war but with some toothless 'benchmarks' to create the appearance of political pressure. And hope that, in 2008, the public will still be in the same mood they were last November.

Sen. Kerry's very diplomatic in his discussion of the approach, but a copout is still a copout.

(UPDATE: I should note, for fairness, that Kerry did vote against this funding bill.)

Back to where we stand today, Salon's Joan Walsh nails it here... if Democrats want to argue that they simply didn't have the votes to pass a substantive bill and have been left empty-handed by the Republicans, that is one thing. But to argue, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is doing, that this toothless funding bill, this check as blank as any the GOP Congress gave Bush, is some kind of victory is a pure insult to our intelligence.

Voters have agreed with the Democratic position for some time now (on pretty much every issue). Moreover, voters like politicians to have the strength of their convictions. That after all they've been through in the past 6 years, the Democrats still don't get grasp these things is nuts to me. If you're gonna cave, don't think people won't notice.

Oh, and Democrats... After capitulating completely to him, President Bush is still bashing you on TV every chance he gets. Eventually, Charlie Brown, you have to realize that no matter how nice you are, Lucy will never let you kick that football. Eventually, you just need to-- to continue this metaphor-- kick that bitch in the face.

[PS- You think I'm angry about this? Keith Olbermann makes me look downright pleased.

UPDATE #2: E.J. Dionne says we should think long-term. Isn't that what we've been doing?]


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