Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quote of the Day

Jim Smith, just some random guy on my LiveJournal friends list, wrote this-
"Here in Bloomington, unleaded was around $2 even in mid-January. It's $3.42 today. By Memorial Day weekend I'm sure it'll be $3.50. So that's a 75% increase in the price after only four and a half months. There hasn't been 75% inflation since January. Violence in the Middle East has not gotten 75% worse. US-Iranian relations have not become 75% chillier. Hurricanes have not cut off access to 75% of oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. Hugo Chavez has not become 75% more of a dick. They have not added enough special summertime additives to comprise 75% of the gasoline's chemical makeup. My car does not get 75% more miles per gallon. And they sure as hell aren't producing 75% less of the stuff. There aren't 75% more people travelling in May than in January, and there sure aren't 75% more Asian countries using it. Gasoline does not contain 75% more chocolate chips.

I'm playing fast and loose with the stats here, but I think my point should be clear--all these stupid excuses people toss around when gas goes up miss the point that it's almost twice as expensive as it was four and a half months ago. And in two months it might be back down to $2.50 for all I know. There is no rhyme or reason to this except what the people who make money from gasoline think they can get away with at any given time. Just accept it and quietly wait for ethanol or cavorite to become cost-efficient instead of spouting all these stupid rationalizations. Geez."

Just one dude's unscientific rant, of course, but there's definitely some truth in there.

I think I've said this before, but I am so glad I live a city where owning a car is completely unnecessary. I've got my unlimited Metrocard, some Sketchers, and a lot of energy. Too bad most people don't have that luxury. You car-owners have my sympathy.


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