Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend Odds and Ends

As the nation mobilizes to tackle this holiday weekend, another roundup of news. I'd add further thoughts on all these, but it's too hot and sweaty in here to form proper thoughts...

You remember that minimum wage increase? It's finally a done deal.

And after a disappointing war vote, it's nice to see the Democrats get this one right: "The House voted on Thursday to make lobbyists disclose when they round up campaign donations for members of Congress and to broaden prohibitions on their accepting gifts, meals and travel from lobbyists." Pressure to water this down from long-time congressfolk (so used to the perks) was fortunately squashed by newer representatives who still have their dignity.

Defense Secretary Gates addressed a graduating U.S. Naval Academy class with a refreshingly un-Rumsfeldian message... Congress and the press are not our enemy and are, in fact, key to protecting our democracy! OMG11!

He also said, yesterday, that violence in Iraq is likely to increase over the summer. That means that the surge is working, because the enemy is scared. Unless the violence stays the same or goes down. That also means the surge is working. Duh.

This just in... Atheists are writing books!!!

Finally, people are already beginning to fall out of love with the ethanol alternative. While ethanol may not be the answer (the hard truth is sacrifices-- like driving less-- is the real solution), the fact is that any alternatives will be costly and burdensome in the initial development stages.


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