Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quote of the Day

"While we spend time discussing the philosophical implications of being involved in Iraq, while politicians use 'the war' as a plank in their campaign platform, while the talking heads offer their self important insights as to the why's whereof's and therefore's... let us not forget one thing.

Every day there are families from sea to shining sea who are receiving a knock on their door. Their loved one has been killed on foreign soil.

The President of The United States is not able to clearly define - beyond some vague, meaningless line of bullshit - what victory in Iraq is let alone what constitutes success in his grand War On Terror.

For what has the person being shipped home from Iraq given their life? I am not understanding it."
-Blogger 'Kilroy' on the deeper question more and more Americans are asking themselves.

Unfortunately, I do not have an answer. For hubris? Empire? Misguided ideals? None of those seem satisfactory.


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