Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rob The Vote

As if we needed to further show the continuing devolving of the Republican party, Rush 'Excellence In Broadcasting' Limbaugh bragged about the GOP election fraud tactics in 2004 and encouraged conservative activists to continue them. Let's go to the tape...
"I mean, you take a look at the average Democrat voter registration drive, you can take for every hundred thousand voters they register, the cumulative IQ would probably be less than a pencil eraser. So when it comes time for the election, half of them can be fooled in saying, 'No, it’s not Election Day. It’s tomorrow, Wednesday.' And they show up on Wednesday to vote when the polls are closed, and the Democrats claim a trick has been played on them. That’s how stupid some of their voters are...

...You think I’m lying? That happened. Republicans did a dirty trick and sent a flier out a week early and said due to unfortunate circumstances, certain precincts, Election Day will be held on Wednesday, blah, blah, blah, blah. Democrats heard about it, this is such a dirty trick. They were worried because they knew it would work, because half their voters are stupid idiots! They have to be when you look at the way they vote..."

Republicans: Not just the Party of Torture, but also proudly the Party of Disenfranchisement.

One of the greatest- and most ignored- scandals of the past decade has been the well-documented electoral fraud utilized by the Republicans in the last few election cycles (see Florida in 2000, New Hampshire in 2002, Ohio in 2004). Besides being, you know, a crime, this undermines our democracy at its core, a fact that people like Mr. Limbaugh seem quite proud of. And unless it is stopped, it WILL happen again. And again.

I recommend these two links for starters for a preview of what's coming this November...

-Rolling Stone (Robert F. Kennedy Jr): Will The Next Election Be Hacked?
-Washington Post: Major Problems At Polls Feared

These and other reports indicate electronic voting machines are a disaster in the making.


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