Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Obama Gets The Message?

Hopefully this continues through the Fall, but this and this are more like it.

The convention next week should also be helpful in this regard, but I fear any bounce the party gets from said convention will be diluted by the fact that the GOP one follows right behind it the next week. After that, voters will be so inundated with talking points from politicos and pundits about Scary Barack The Tax-and-Spend Elitist Foreigner (unlike War Hero Maverick John McCain!), they'll forget whatever happened at the Dem convention... Al Gore mentioned something about carbon emissions, right? Granted, the GOP event can't be any worse than 2004's NYC-based 9/11 Orgy, but watching them blame Democrats and liberals for the mess created under the conservative governance of these last two terms will be painful to watch (and in the case of Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, they won't even wait until their convention before they start foaming at the mouth). I'll be glad when both are over.

Now the Fall debates... my friends, that is something I am very, very much looking forward to.


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