Sunday, June 08, 2008

"I had learned... how dangerous it can be when travel is substituted for thought."

Peter Beinart-- of Time and the New Republic-- hasn't always had the best track record on Iraq (scroll down in this 'Buying The War' transcript as he tries to explain to Bill Moyers the shoddy journalism he performed in the run-up to war), but I think he gets it exactly right in this new Time piece.

Time magazine: Barack, Don't Go to Baghdad

Read it in full if you have the time; it's worth it.

I do believe, however, that a trip to Iraq should happen before November for Sen. Obama. But not this type of PR trip that McCain wants (and Obama should go alone). Rather, it should be a quiet, private trip for Obama to meet with Iraqi leaders, and top U.S. military personnel, to lay the groundwork for relations should he become President.

Back at home there has also been the issue of whether Sen. Obama should engage in regular town hall meetings/debates with Sen. McCain. I say a very enthusiastic 'yes' to this one. Sen. Obama should seek to highlight, at every opportunity possible, the night and day contrasts between his domestic policy proposals and those of McCain, such as they are. The economy is the key area where the GOP is seeking to bamboozle and woo away independent voters and Obama needs to engage with them constantly. The more Obama debates McCain-- on the economy, or any other issue-- the better he will do. By the time the Fall arrives, McCain will be ditching them left and right. Bring 'em on!

[Iraq, Not Economy, Frames the Presidential Debate (Washington Post)]


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