Thursday, July 05, 2007

Right On Cue

When news began breaking that one or more doctors may have been among the conspirators in the recent foiled terror plots in the U.K., I thought cynically to myself... "How long before conservatives try and use this to smear universal health care?"

It turns out the answer is about one day.

On Fox News today, Neil Cavuto and Jerry Bowyer (a writer for the National Review) paint national health care systems as 'breeding grounds' for jihadists. Why? Because "it's easy to hide in the bureaucracy."

Kudos to the right-wing... no matter how crazy I imagine them to be in my mind, they insist upon taking it one step further in real life. Now that's dedication.

[PS- Elsewhere, Rush Limbaugh commends a 13-year-old for being angry about being forced to read about... global warming (his kind parents told him it was all lies). OmG fAciSm!

UPDATE: Courtesy of Talking Points Memo, video of the Fox News segment... here.]


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