Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Free Lady Liberty!!

Since 9/11, the crown of the Statue of Liberty has been off-limits to visitors. I think that speaks to something larger about the irrational way we reacted to the threat (tell me again why one psycho's retarded scheme means I have to take off my sneakers at the airport?). This copper beauty remains a symbol of the freedoms American represents, and when we start tossing them aside based on fear, and making the Statue off-limits, we send an equally-powerful message.

My congressman, Anthony Weiner, hopes to change that, adding "an amendment to a spending bill giving the National Park Service $1 million to study how to safely reopen the staircase to the statue's crown". The Park Service is also claiming the spiral steps up to the crown is a fire hazard-- odd that only became a concern after they'd closed it-- but millions had done it in the past with no problems (including me, many years ago).

Contact the National Park Service... tell them to reopen the crown, or the terrorists win.


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