Friday, June 01, 2007

Weekend Odds and Ends

Thanks to the holiday, this week went by quick. Here's a week-end news roundup...

History is going to look back on the crazy people that President Bush appointed to powerful positions and shake its collective head. He has nominated Joseph Holsinger to be the new Surgeon General. Who's he? He is the founder of Hope Springs Community Church in Kentucky which, among other things, helps cure gay people of their "lifestyle" problem. Hallelujah!

Not surprising. This is the same country that forced Joycelyn Elders out of that job for discussing masturbation.

One of the President's key advisors-- Dan Bartlett-- has left in shame for the private sector.

Things really, really suck in Darfur. And in Lebanon too.

Time magazine discovers something interesting... People like Barack Obama because he is very honest, even when it's not politically convenient for him to be. This bizarre phenomenon must be studied in greater detail.

Finally, the American media shits its collective pants over Tuberculosis Man.


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