Thursday, June 21, 2007

'Sicko' Release Pushed Up

Well it looks like thanks to no-good people like me watching pirated versions of the film, the Weinstein Co. is pushing up the release of Michael Moore's "Sicko". From IMDB-
In an apparent reaction to the posting of high-quality digital prints of Michael Moore's Sicko on several peer-to-peer websites (Moore has suggested that the piracy was undertaken in order to sabotage the film.) the Weinstein Co. announced Tuesday that it will open the film in New York on Friday, a week earlier than originally scheduled, and provide sneak previews in 43 theaters in virtually all the top 30 markets.

The official release date is still June 29, I believe.

It's a really good film. Since I don't foresee us getting universal health care anytime soon (you know me, eternal optimist), it will likely remain relevant for years. It'll tide you over 'til "Transformers" at any rate.


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