Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Odds and Ends

More news that you can use. Well, not really. But it is news. Mostly.

President Bush issues veto # 3, this one again on stem cell research funding. Geez, George, get a new bit! So the score now stands at Bush Administration- 648; Science- 0.

As for other pending legislation... Democratic Senators hoping for energy legislation must battle the Michigan senators and congressman who are looking out for their BFFs in the auto industry. Democrats also face a fight with Republicans over a bill "that would make it far easier to organize workers". Republicans are still freaking out over immigration. Finally, some in Congress squabble over what to do about the President's signing statements.

NY Governor Eliot Spitzer's promise to legalize gay marriage just got a step closer to success, but still has a long road to travel. The bill was "was approved 85-61 by the state Assembly Tuesday after an often emotional three-hour debate," but "is not expected to be acted on any time soon in the Republican-led state Senate."

Palestinian Prez Abbas calls Hamas "murderous terrorists"; Israel begins attacks on Gaza.

Finally, Chris Matthews sums up cable news... "We’re all reacting here and putting on shit. We have nothing."


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