Sunday, June 03, 2007

More Weekend Odds and Ends

Here's another quick roundup of news as the afternoon day begins this Sunday...

Once again, invading, occupying, and/or blowing up random Muslim nations careful police work and (legal) intelligence-gathering has foiled another (potential) terror plot... this time one involving JFK Airport here in good ol' Queens. Last night, when I first bookmarked the story, the headline read: "Terror Plot 'One Of The Most Chilling Imaginable'". It's now been changed to "JFK Terror Plot Foiled In Planning Stages". The story goes on to emphasize that "law enforcement sources stressed was in the planning stages and never posed an actual threat to New Yorkers." A far cry from the FEAR FEAR FEAR headlines dominating the usual places last night before I went to bed (Matt Drudge, for one, has since moved on to an Iran-based FEAR FEAR FEAR headline).

That's always the case with these stories... they're usually less than what they seemed at first. Journalists, pay attention. Serious plots are rare, and we have excellent law enforcement capabilities.

And the soft bigotry of low expectations continues to provide positive headlines for Bush.

The military is angry at servicemen who have strong opinions about the war wear their uniforms to protest. The VFW leaders are, in turn, telling the military to get a life. But, as the VFW should know, military folk are only allowed to be in uniform for Bush administration photo-ops. God bless America!!

Administration battle on war/diplomacy... Cheney is from Mars, Condi Rice is from Venus.

Finally, the immigration debate continues to tear the Bush cultists apart. Karma, Georgie.


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