Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mid-Week Video Theatre: Better Know The Food Stamp Challenge

Stephen Colbert gets to better know Illinois congresswoman Jane Schakowsky, one of the few representatives who participated in the recent Food Stamp Challenge. Take it away, Stephen-

The Tucker Carlson clip he shows is particularly angering. Yes, poor people are more likely to be overweight. But that's not because they're lazy fatasses sitting around eating Cheetos all day while buying big-screen TVs with their welfare checks. It's because the cheapest foods (fast food dollar menu, pasta) are also the most unhealthy; the healthiest foods (fruits and vegetables, organic goods) are out of many Americans' budgets. Good health has become a luxury the poor can't afford. Why people don't get this I don't know.

[Related reading: Cost of hunger calculated at $90 billion (The Washington Times)]


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