Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Note To The GOP on the Bush Legacy: You Break It, You Bought It

Basically on the same note as my post from Sunday on the Republican implosion, Salon's Glenn Greenwald has an excellent post up on 'The great right-wing fraud to repudiate George W. Bush'. He basically says what I said, but better.

Money quote-
One of the few propositions on which Bush supporters and critics agree is that George Bush does not change and has not changed at all over the last six years. He is exactly the same.

And none of the supposed grounds for conservative discontent -- especially Bush's immigration position -- is even remotely new. Bush's immigration views have been well-known since before he was first elected in 2000, yet conservatives have devoted to him virtually cult-like loyalty and support. Just logically speaking, Bush's immigration views cannot be the cause of the flamboyant conservative "rebellion" against Bush since those views long co-existed with intense conservative devotion to Bush.

There is really only one thing that has changed about George W. Bush from the 2002-2004 era when conservatives hailed him as the Great Conservative Leader, and now. Whereas Bush was a wildly popular leader then, which made conservatives eager to claim him as their Standard-Bearer, he is now one of the most despised presidents in U.S. history, and conservatives are thus desperate to disassociate themselves from the President for whom they are solely responsible. It is painfully obvious there is nothing noble, substantive or principled driving this right-wing outburst; it is a pure act of self-preservation.

He provides before/after quotes from folks like Rush Limbaugh, Bob Novak, and Rich Lowry.

Worth reading in full. I hope most Americans' memories are as good as Glenn's.


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