Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Thought

On the subway ride to work this morning, something occurred to me... The President still has not signed the torture/habeas corpus-gutting detainee bill (you know the one that was the focus of so much congressional fury late last month). The bill passed the Senate and House before their sessions ended. The President could've signed it days ago; it was ready. Has he already? If not, why?

The President's excuse for rushing this bill right before the election was that it was needed immediately (to deal with the terrorist suspects he's kept hidden away in secret prison for years anyway), otherwise clueless interrogators and military personnel might remain under the impression that war crimes were illegal, and he said that we needed clarity right away orelsealqaedawouldkillusallomg, and we couldn't bring terrorism to justice and all that. And yet with his electoral wedge issue bill passed with everything he wanted and more, the President has yet to get around to putting his john hancock on this important bill to further destroy American credibility for years to come save the world.

Could it be that the President is postponing the signing of this bill he insisted was all-important for a politically opportune time in the next week or two (say when the mindblowing number of scandals out there reach their boiling point?). Were I were a cynical man, I would make that assumption.

I guess the only remaining question is whether the media spectacle for the signing will be in the Oval Office, Rose Garden, or maybe an aircraft carrier. Or, maybe he realized what an odious bill this is and has decided not to sign it, in favor of working to restore America to the rule of law and international approval. Hahahaha! {*sigh*} See you at the photo-op.


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