Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cartoon Bad, Rumsfeld Good?

This Tom Toles cartoon ran in the Washington Post last week-

Angry, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have a sent a protest letter to the Post.

You can read the letter- here.

I saw the cartoon on the Washington Post website last week and thought nothing of it. I suppose I can see how a wounded soldier might be upset by it, but to act as is if Mr. Toles meant any slight toward the soldiers is ridiculous. They were not the target of the cartoon- Rumsfeld was. You know, Donald Rumseld, the inept Secretary of Defense responsible for leaving our troops unprotected in the battle field, failing to plan for a post-war Iraq, and continued defense of torture. That Rumsfeld. I see nothing wrong with the cartoon (or the letter), but perhaps the time of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would be better spent demanding accountability from the Secretary of Defense responsible for so many of the wounded soldiers lying in hospital beds. It certainly wouldn't be the first time they had to school him.

[PS- I'm curious how many Bush supporters will condemn the cartoon or the Post, given their defense of recent controversial cartoons in a Denmark paper that have angered (to say the least, apparently) many Muslims.]


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