Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jon Stewart Takes on CNBC, Conservative Dow Watchers.

I wasn't planning on blogging today, but last night was the best Stewart/Colbert one-two punch in months. First up, Stewart looked at CNBC's 'populist' uprising over President Obama's agenda, and provided a hilarious reality check on their economic genius. He followed this up with another segment on the conservative talking point that the ups and (increasing) downs of the stock market are a sign that America hates Obama, and an interview that helps put all of this into context. The entire episode is worth watching-

And over on 'The Colbert Report', Stephen does a brilliant sendup of the paranoid craziness of Glenn Beck. A classic. Watch that here.

There were many who wondered where Stewart and Colbert would find humor in the new Obama era (after all, he isn't an intellectually incurious disaster or a horny hillbilly like his two predecessors), and it appears that the increasingly insane remnants of what remains of the die-hard conservative base (see my latest adventures for an example) will be the gift that keeps on giving... for late-night political satire, and the Democrats as well.

Advice to Obama- let them rant and rave. You keep running the country. The contrast will, and is, speak volumes.


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