Monday, May 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

Got a case of the Mondays again, so here's a quick roundup of news...

Sens. McCain and Obama continue their back-and-forth debate over foreign policy-

Meanwhile, Sen. Obama-- who I believe made a big mistake not campaigning in Kentucky this past week (hello, 50-state strategy calling, are you there Barack?)-- did manage to draw a crowd up to 75,000 people to a rally in Oregon this past weekend. That's a lot of people.

And the New Republic's Doug Wolf looks at all the anti-Obama chain emails that have been growing for a year now, while one YouTube reporter talked to West Virginians last week and saw how these smears have begun to become conventional wisdom to many.

If only people would start sending some emails around about Sen. McCain, whose campaign staff is one lobbyist after another, many of whom have been forced to resign after an endless stream of scandals. Because, you know, that seems significant to me.

And the folks at BraveNewFilms debut a new McCain video which will be viewed by no one-

In non-campaign news, Sen. Kennedy is recovering from a seizure he suffered this weekend.

Meanwhile, in a twist, President Bush lectures the Middle East on being too dependent on an oil-based economy.

Finally, China takes time to officially mourn the thousands killed in the recent earthquake.


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