Thursday, May 29, 2008

CA Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban; Society Doomed (Pt. II)

Some more good reads on the CA gay marriage decision...

Glenn Greenwald: The California marriage decision and basic civics

Think Progress: McCain Tells Ellen DeGeneres: You Shouldn’t Have The Right To Get Married

I'll add one point of my own, which I believe I've made before. It's so disgusting to see conservative opponents of this pretending that they're not homophobic bigots, but rather simply opponents of judicial activism. Ignore even that 'judicial activism' really just means 'decisions that offend me' (and by today's standards includes such 'activist' decisions as Brown v. Board of Education, etc.)... it's the hypocrisy of that stance.

When the Massachusetts made a similar ruling in 2004-- effectively legalizing gay marriage there-- conservatives insisted that it was not up to the courts to endorse gay marriage, but that this was an issue for the state legislatures to decide. So, California heeded their words and twice passed legislation to make gay marriage legal. And yet, these same conservatives did not all champion the decision, celebrating a victory for gay marriage without that pesky 'judicial activism' they so sincerely oppose. Instead-- if you can believe it-- they hated the legislation, and were quite happy when Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the bills (see history- here). It's almost as if they simply hate gay people getting married, and not any concern over the legitimacy of legislative decisions versus judicial verdicts made by majority-GOP state courts.

They can hate gay marriage, or gay people, if they want to, but at least be honest about it.


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