Wednesday, April 30, 2008

President Bush Discovers Cure To Economic Ills... Yell At Congress

It's hardly a new phenomenon-- since the 2006 election anyway (gee, what happened there?)-- that when President Bush gives a press conference these days, that it's about 30% cheery talk/bullshit, 10% sophomoric wisecracking with the press corps usuals, and 60% ranting about how America would totally be doing super-awesome if it wasn't for that meddlin' Congress.

Yes, the same week that the rationale for the stimulus money we are receiving went from being "splurge on consumer crap, go nuts!" to "maybe you can afford some groceries now", the President decided to address yesterday our many economic problems-- weak dollar, housing bust, health-care, energy crisis and food shortages, globalization and job loss, etc-- and quickly identify solutions and ideas-
Bush said people are looking to leaders in Congress to take action, but "all they are getting is delay." Speaking from the Rose Garden, Bush blasted Congress for not doing enough to address Americans' financial fears.

"I repeatedly submitted proposals to help address the problems. Time after time, Congress chose to block them," he said.

Aside from being a childish temper-tantrum, it's also nonsensical. What proposals is he talking about exactly?

I follow the goings-on in Congress closer than many, and I can't figure out what the hell he's referring to here. His demands that Congress make permanent his misguided tax cuts before his term ends? His latest Iraq war spending bill/blank check that's coming up? His cliche insistence that drilling the Artic National Wildlife Refuge will solve all our energy problems? Or some other nonsense that I am missing? Our always honest and intelligent President didn't really expand on this rant in his speech, so we are left to wonder.

One thing that has been amusing about this President is the way he talks as if he is some innocent bystander in this story of America. Yes, when things go bad (as they often have in the last eight years), The Decider-in-Chief often seems forget to that he is the leader of this country. If only we had the same luxury of forgetting.


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