Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend Odds and Ends

Today is World Water Day. Celebrate by not showering. I won't tell. Here's the news...

Dan Abrams fact-checks the President's anniversary rhetoric about the Iraq war.

Sen. Obama gets a boost with the endorsement of Bill Richardson (this causes James Carville to flip the hell out). He also got the endorsement of the young woman in the "3am" ad. Only one is a superdelegate, though.

Some journalists seem to be focusing on the seemingly insurmountable odds that Sen. Clinton faces in getting the nomination. If Florida/Michigan have failed to organize do-overs, and the superdelegates won't overturn the pledged delegate count, what's her strategy? That's the million dollar question.

Steve Benen, by the way, has a great rebuttal to the 'Florida/Michigan have been disenfranchised' talking point. And Bill Clinton reemerges to seemingly reiterate the campaign's message that Hillary and McCain rule, and Obama drools. Stay classy, folks.

Speaker Pelosi is making headlines by calling "for an independent investigation into China's claims that the Dalai Lama instigated the violence in Tibet." Pelosi had a favorable meeting the Dalai Lama yesterday. Meanwhile, the President insists these events will not impact his decision to attend the Beijing Olympics.

John McCain wants to support the troops by... keeping them in Iraq for as long as his ego demands. But signing on to a new GI Bill? Sorry, not for him. And obeying the campaign finance laws that he himself helped pass? Not for him either.

In regards to the missing emails from 2003-2005, the White House says... oops, we destroyed the hard drives.

Finally, Vice President Cheney will meet with Saudi King Abdullah to beg for more oil.


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