Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Republicans Wake Up Early, Debate How Awesome War Is

In what came as a total shock to a lot of people, the Republican '08 candidates held a debate early Sunday morning in Iowa (some of us sleep in, ya know!). If this AP article is any indication, it was what you'd expect... war good, abortion bad, gay marriage bad, guns good, Democrats bad.

(Time's Ana Marie Cox sarcastically live-blogged the debate on their website blog.)

The only thing approaching a lively moment occurred when super-libertarian (and intertubes fave) Rep. Ron Paul called out the other candidates on their hypocritical and BS rhetoric on Iraq, noting that the same people who happily lead us into this mess can't be trusted to get us out (assuming they're even thinking about getting out at all). Mitt Romney's super-intelligent, clever response? "Has he forgotten about 9/11?," he replied to Paul.

A perfect summary of the empty jingoism passing for debate from the GOP front-runners.

As I've said before, I don't subscribe to the Ron Paul cult, but I'm very glad he's in this race.


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