Monday, July 16, 2007

Headlines That Make You Go 'Grrrrr'

Here's two Iraq-related headlines that angered me a bit....

The first- 'Pace: Another troop buildup possible'.

And where on earth are the soldiers gonna come from for any kind of buildup, Petey? We know you hate the gays, so you're not getting them in that pool. Anyone who wanted to volunteer already has. Short of making people serve fourth or fifth tours, lengthening stays, and other back-door draft methods as with the current 'surge', you have no one else to send. Oh wait, that's exactly what you'd do. I'm sure morale is through the fucking roof.

The second- 'Rice cancels African nations trip to focus on Iraq, Mideast'.

Of course, this was a problem people foresaw before the war began... that we'd get so bogged down in a war of our own making, that we'd lose sight of all the other problems. I can't think of an administration that had a less well-rounded foreign policy than this one. Sorry Africa, you have to keep waiting, Condi has to try and clean up the neocons' mess.


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