Friday, July 20, 2007

And The GOP Front-Runner Is...

...None of the above.

Of course, all the conservative blogs I read seem to be saying that it's because the candidates aren't conservative enough for them (and I don't mean real conservatism, or they'd be endorsing that Ron Paul dude, but neocon George W. Bush conservatism).

Amazing that after everything, they still don't get that it's been going so far to the right that's landed them in hot water... in fact, they have a crop full of formerly moderate, centrist Republicans (who succeeded in blue states because of their middle-of-the-road governance) who've they now forced to become Cheney-proteges to meet their approval. And short of declaring war (both literal and figurative) on everything that makes conservatives uncomfortable, I don't know how they will win said approval.

Balloon Juice's Tim F. sums up the monster the GOP created, which is now cannibalizing it: "We get crazies because only crazies are acceptable today... The Base demands nominees who will satisfy their view of the world and themselves, but their worldview is a half baked, self-contradictory mishmash of cartoons and caricatures... They feel entitled to leaders who reflect their worldview no matter what the real-world consequences. Like other parties that flirt with irrelevancy (e.g., Greens) they would rather be pure than win."

And the poor left just wants someone sane/smart who knows how to run a government.


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