Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Video Theatre: The Candidates Debate

Jon Stewart tackles this past Tuesday's GOP presidential debate-

On a related note, the NY Times' Paul Krugman sums up why these debates remain a farce-
"If early campaign reporting is any guide, the bad media habits that helped install the worst president ever in the White House haven’t changed a bit...

...[A]s far as I can tell, no major news organization did any fact-checking of either debate. And post-debate analyses tended to be horse-race stuff mingled with theater criticism: assessments not of what the candidates said, but of how they “came across.”...

...Look, debates involving 10 people are, inevitably, short on extended discussion. But news organizations should fight the shallowness of the format by providing the facts — not embrace it by reporting on a presidential race as if it were a high-school popularity contest.

For if there’s one thing I hope we’ve learned from the calamity of the last six and a half years, it’s that it matters who becomes president... And I don’t know if this country can survive another four years of Bush-quality leadership."

Don't worry, Paul, only 9 more months until the first primaries! Woooooo!


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