Monday, May 14, 2007

Meanwhile, In Iraq...

Here's the big news of the day from Iraq-
The Islamic State of Iraq -- a Sunni insurgent coalition that includes al Qaeda in Iraq -- issued a statement Monday saying it is holding three American soldiers and warning the U.S. military to call off its search...

...The soldiers went missing after an ambush Saturday on their military convoy in a volatile region south of Baghdad...

And in news of internal Iraqi politics, more expected and obvious unsettling news-
It has not even reached parliament, but the oil law that U.S. officials call vital to ending Iraq's civil war is in serious trouble among Iraqi lawmakers, many of whom see it as a sloppy document rushed forward to satisfy Washington's clock.

Opposition ranges from vehement to measured, but two things are clear: The May deadline that the White House had been banking on is in doubt. And even if the law is passed, it fails to resolve key issues, including how to divide Iraq's oil revenue among its Shiite, Kurdish and Sunni regions, and how much foreign investment to allow. Those questions would be put off for future debates...

Don't worry, I'm sure all of this will be fixed by 2009 the end of time September.

[PS- The Iraqi government plans to censor media coverage of the war. They are learning!]


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