Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The War Debate In Congress: A Cartoon Summary

And of course even Tony Blair-- President Bush's greatest ally-- gets it. So why don't we?

[Related reading: Democrats vow to seek limits on Iraq war (AP)

UPDATE: Wouldn't it be interesting if our political system worked like this?

UPDATE #2 (2/22): Joe at Americablog is right... if the President and his lock-step minions in the GOP put even half as much energy into managing this war as they have into attacking their political enemies, it might not be as spectacular a failure as it is.

They gave up on the war (which was little more than an ideological fantasy fulfillment to begin with) long ago and have just spent the past couple of years trying to win a war of perceptions at home, while failing to realize that throwing away lives and money in this shortsighted way is why they have lost all wars, real and perceived.]


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